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Costco Next

What is Costco Next?

Costco Next showcases a selection of limited products from some of Costco's most trusted suppliers. Designed to complement both inventory and quality standards, Costco Next features suppliers and products that have been hand-selected by Costco buyers for their quality of merchandise and exceptional customer service. 

How is Mixt Involved?

Mixt had been working for a Vendor on Costco Next for a while when we were approached by Costco about adding more of the brands from Mixt's catalogue of products.  We took the opportunity to provide Costco with our unique array of partner while offering our partners a chance at Costco level exposure!

How Can my Brand Bennefit?

By partnering with Mixt, we have the opportunity to offer brands to Costco for placement on the Next platform.  Next features the opportunity to get in front of every Costco member while driving new customer and potential revenue growth!


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