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Mixt Solutions is an online sales company specializing in Amazon based consulting. We are 1/3rd consultant, 1/3rd third party logistics provider, and 1/3rd marketing agency. We help growing brands use the Amazon platform more intelligently, with less time spent, and in a long-term profitable manner. 

We started selling products on our small website in 2014 out of a basement with $1,000 in capital. We bootstrapped our way through our startup phase and gained a reputation for fixing problems for brands on Amazon. 


We partnered with some awesome brands through this time period who understood our long-term approach to building a brand both on and off Amazon. Since then, we have grown our team to 16 employees and landed on the Inc. 5,000 list three years in a row. 

The strategy is always the same; to handle Amazon with a consistent approach while providing high-quality service to our customers. While we never guarantee success to our partners, what we can always promise is we will put them in the best spot possible to have success. We’re more than an agency you hire; we want to be an extension of your team and online strategy. 


"Empower people, build relationships, and deliver results."

We try to empower our people and brands to do more. We are a relationship based business, because things are better when you like who you do business with.  We do not get paid based on fees; we make our money when our brand partners sell products on Amazon.  Thus, we always look to deliver more than any other company our partners work with.




Positivity is infectious, harbor it. Negativity is contagious, avoid it at all costs. Nothing is solved by negativity



Always look for ways to improve, even marginally. Learning is a lifelong process, which should be an enjoyable opportunity. Never limit progress or feel as if you have “arrived”. The race is never over.

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