About Our Team

We partner with brands, large and small as a turn key solution to their Amazon needs.

We were founded in 2014 by Austin T. Keller and Alexander V. Johnson. 

We quickly added Benjamin Johnson as our COO and now have a team of full time employees and warehouse associates.  We are able to stay lean leveraging Amazon’s fulfillment system.  

Our business focuses on building long term partnerships with strong, growing brands.  We love it when an outside rep can become so valuable they feel like an extra employee.  That’s what we strive to do for our partners!

Our Story

We started selling products on our website in 2014 to raise money for a different business idea (which, looking back now, it's probably a blessing that idea didn't work out).


After selling on our website for a while, we had a rep make mention he had an account doing “half a million a month on Amazon.” 

Puzzled, we asked, “Do you mean half a million a year?” 

“No”, he said.  “Half a million a month.”

We knew we had to learn the platform as malls and online stores were already starting to struggle under the weight of Amazon’s grip.  In doing so, we saw the same mistakes brands were making repeated over and over again.​


Fast forward 5 years and we have since been named the Fastest Growing Company in Columbus, Ohio, and twice to the Inc. 5,000 list from our work. We now partner with brands, both large and small, as a turn-key solution to their Amazon needs.  Brands just launching on Amazon to companies that are in 60,000 stores trust us. 


The strategy is always the same; to handle Amazon with a consistent and dedicated approach while providing high-quality service to our customers. While we never guarantee success to our partners, what we can always promise is we will put them in the best spot possible to have success. 

We're more than "Some company that sells our stuff on Amazon", to our partners.
Instead, we're a crucial part of their business strategy.

We hope we can be that for you and your brand. 

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Alexander V Johnson
Founding Partner, CFO

As a Founding Partner at Mixt, Alex tends to wear a few different hats. 

Alex manages the financial day to day operations of the company while also acting as a strategic planner. He also works directly with select brands. 

He attended Ashland University College of Business and Economics where he studied Entrepreneurship.


As you can see, when he isn't in the office looking at excel, he enjoys rock climbing and being outside.  

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Austin T Keller
Founding Partner, CEO

Austin is a Founding Partner at Mixt and manages much of the listings and marketing.  He is also the primary contact for some of Mixt's longest-term brands. He attended Bowling Green College of Business.


Outside of the office, he enjoys fishing and playing guitar.

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Benjamin A. Johnson
Chief Operating Officer

As the Chief Operating Officer, Benjamin oversees many different things at the company. Benjamin manages the day to day logistics of the company, he also works directly with select brands on listing and brand development, and strategic planning. 


Benjamin has a Bachelor of Science degree from Wittenberg University. 

As you can see, when he isn't in the office he likes exploring the nuances of the ketogenic diet, watching premier league soccer, and almost always listening to Bob Dylan (please don't get him started).

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Bradley Allinder

Financial Controller, Logistics Manager

Bradley works between the logistics and finance arm for Mixt.  During his day, he can be found entering invoices, reconciling shipments, and working on financial controls.  Bradley has a degree from The Ohio State University in Family and Consumer Finance. 


Outside of the office, he loves playing guitar and rock and roll music. 

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Alex Lannom

Warehouse Manager

Alex brings a depth of experience to Mixt having previously worked at one of the largest logistics operations in the country. 

Alex manages much of the inventory controls at Mixt, stock levels, and coordinates with Amazon's FBA warehouses.  


Outside of the office, Alex loves to fish and play softball.