Case Studies

We've worked with brands just launching their product to others that are nationwide in every gas station and convenience store.

The process always works the same way.


We analyze where the brand is currently and work to develop a roadmap forward.

Most of the time this includes redesigning listings, redeveloping keywords, changing titles and variations, and driving traffic.

What it almost never includes is spending more money on ads.  

We take a long term approach to business on the platform and encourage companies to do the same. When we put products in the best position to have success, most of the time it works.

High Protein Iced Coffee

This product was branded differently and struggling to take hold on Amazon. 


The category this product was looking to attack was relatively flooded with other products, and it was difficult to gain any traction without high priced advertising campaigns. Most of these campaigns were only breaking even and not retaining customers. The company was ready to scrap the product all together...

Amazing Keto

Amazing Keto had not launched on the Amazon platform yet.


Amazing Keto had a high quality product and a growing demographic, but did not have an avenue to sell the products. They needed to reach the mass market audience quickly and acquire new customers.


Bare Performance Nutrition

BPN is a supplement company out of Austin, TX. They were selling very well through their website, but selling on Amazon was a pain point for the BPN team.


Bare did not have the manpower to give Amazon their full attention as their website was doing several millions of dollars per year. Amazon was an afterthought which led to 

inventory out-of-stock problems, issues with FBA shipments, and low listing quality.

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